,   Ages 3-6

Rosh Hashana is coming! Join us and hear about the symbols of Rosh Hashana, sing a long to Rosh Hashana songs, and listen to an endearing story about Apple who is looking for her honey.

“Rosh Hashana is Coming!” Is one of the many activities created by the staff of Beit Issie Shapiro. Our activities are designed for children of various abilities and ages. Enjoy!


Activity Content:

1. Reading: רֹאשׁ הַשָׁנָה
2. Reading: Shofar, Apples and honey, Pomegranate, Greeting cards
3. Reading: Apple
4. Reading
5. Reading: Sweet honey
6. Reading: Do you like your apple with honey or without honey?
7. Reading: What other sweet foods do you see?
8. Reading: Pomegranate
9. Reading: Color, Shape
10. Reading
11. Soundboard: A year of friendship, A year of happiness, A year of good health, A happy and sweet new year
12. Soundboard: A year of happiness
13. Soundboard: A year of friendship
14. Soundboard: A year of good health
15. Soundboard: A happy and sweet new year
16. Reading: Loud, Soft
17. Reading
18. Soundboard: Story, Songs
19. Soundboard: ״טו טו טו...״, “Tu, Tu, Tu…”, ״תפוח פגש צנצנת של דבש״, “An apple met a honey jar”, “On Rosh Hashana”, ״בראש השנה..״, ״שנה טובה..״, “Shana tova…”
20. Reading
21. Reading
22. Reading
23. Reading
24. Reading
25. Reading
26. Reading
27. Reading
28. Reading
29. Reading
30. Soundboard
31. Reading

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