,   Ages 3-6

Have you ever hurt a friend’s feelings? On Yom Kippur we ask forgiveness for things we have done. Join us in this activity to learn how.
The activity “Asking for Forgiveness” is one of the many activities created by Beit Issie Shapiro. Our activities are designed for children of various ages and abilities.
This activity is also available in Hebrew.
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Activity Content:

1. Questions: I’m Sorry, Asking for Forgiveness, Yom Kippur:
2. Questions: The ten days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are called “The Days of Awe”, Yom
Kippur, Rosh
3. Soundboard: “The Days of Awe”, Why are, During those days, we reflect on things we have done and ask for forgiveness, important?
4. Reading: Before asking for forgiveness we think about our own actions, What does that mean?
5. Soundboard: We think about the year that has passed and how we behaved toward others, What have I done?, How have I behaved?
6. Reading: I’m Sorry, If I hurt or offend somebody I can ask for forgiveness
7. Soundboard: Who can we ask for forgiveness from?, Anyone we hurt, Family, Friends, Teachers
8. Reading: What should I say sorry for?
9. Soundboard: We can say sorry for…, Hurting someone’s feelings, Hitting someone, Talking rudely, Not listening
10. Questions: Asking for forgiveness has a few steps:, Say sorry, Think about what we did, Regret
11. Soundboard: What happens after we apologize?, After we apologize we try to behave more respectfully
12. Soundboard: I’m sorry, It’s ok. 
I forgive you.
13. Reading

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