,   Ages 6-8

#Chanukah #Hanukkah #חנוכה #HandsOn #ActiveLearning

This Game leads you through JiTap Game Creation to make an interactive cooking show about your favorite Chanukah food!


Activity Content:

1. Reading: A Ji Tap Creative Project for Chanukah, It’s All About The Oli!
2. Reading: It’s All About The Oli!, Take pictures, short videos or use stickers or drawings of yourself making your favorite Chanukah foods.  Use Ji Tap to produce your very own cooking show highlighting your favorite recipe.
3. Reading
4. Reading
5. Reading
6. Soundboard
7. Reading: Make it a challenge!, Add Title Here!, All Slides have to have a “Setting” for the Ji Tap game to work!, Tap on each slide to hold to reorder your slides., Check out the 3 dots in the bottom right of each slide., Add Music, Upload!
8. Reading
9. Soundboard
10. Reading

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