,   Ages 11+

Questions connecting to the names and places in this week’s parsha.


Activity Content:

1. Reading: פרשת וישב
2. Questions: Yaakov made a כתנת פסים for Yosef.
What is the definition of a כתנת פסים?, A colorful coat, A fine wool coat
3. Questions: How old was יוסף when he was sold?, 12, 20, 17
4. Questions: The שבטים thought that יוסף was a danger and made a court ruling to get rid of him to protect themselves.
5. Questions: גבריאל, דותן, שכם, יהודה, ראובן, תמר, בת שוע, פרץ
6. Questions: Where was ראובן when יוסף was sold?, Went to help his father, Was doing teshuva, Both, Neither
7. Puzzle: The ישמעאלים bought יוסף with this., The ישמעאלים usually carried this., The ישמעאלים carried this when they had יוסף., Silver coins, Bad smelling materials, Good smelling spices
8. Questions: Which of these are not sons of יהודה?, ער, אונן, שילה, שוע, פרץ, זרח
9. Questions: Who will משיח come from?, פרץ, זרח
10. Questions: Why is תאומים written with an א when it’s referring to פרץ and זרח?, The children were both tzadikim., The parents were both tzadikim., One child was a tzadik and one a Rashi.
11. Questions: What is NOT true about פוטיפר?, He was יוסף’s boss., He was punished for a fly in פרעה’s wine, He promoted יוסף and made him in charge, His wife made up a rumor about יוסף
12. Puzzle: שר המשקים, שר האופים, Rock, Bread, Killed, Fly, Wine, Lived
13. Slide: Hope you enjoyed the learning!

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