,   Ages 8-11

Can you remember the origins and halachot of these Mitzvot Bein Adam LChavero?


Activity Content:

2. Slide: Mitzvot Bein Adam L’Chavero, How do you fulfil some of the Mitzvot Bein Adam L’Chavero?, Section 9-Mitzvot
3. Questions: What are Mitzvot Bein Adam L'Chavero?, Between us and Hashem, Between us and man
4. Slide: Revise the Mitzvah and their meaning and tap the arrow to continue!
5. Puzzle
6. Puzzle
7. Puzzle
8. Slide: בצלם אלקים, Almost the first thing that the Torah tells us is that man and women were created in 'the image of Hashem'.

Every person has in them a spark of Hashem, so we must treat everyone with respect., Tap the arrow to continue
9. Questions: בצלם אלקים, 'And Hashem said 'Let us make man in our image...', which book of the תורה is this from?, שמות, בראשית, ויקרא
10. Slide: פיקוח נפש, Saving a human life is regarded as the most important thing of all. Due to its importance, Halacha can be broken to save a life, such as Shabbat to drive someone to hospital.

However if you have to do the following to save a life, that you cannot do it:
1. Murder
2. Worship idols
3. Entering a forbidden relationship, Tap the arrow to continue
11. Questions: פיקוח נפש, If someone falls gravely ill on שבת, can you drive them to hospital?, Yes, No
12. Slide: צדקה, According to Halacha, we should give between 1/10-1/5 of our income to the poor.

Rambam lists 8 levels of Tzedakah.

The highest level is to give someone a job because this helps the person to look after themselves., Tap the arrow to continue
13. Questions: צדקה, The word צדקה comes from the word צֶדֶק, what does that mean?, Charity, Justice, Money
14. Questions: צדקה, What is the highest level of צדקה?, Giving someone a job, Giving money, Giving food
15. Slide: לשון הרע, This is one of the hardest Mitzvot in the Torah. It means that you cannot say bad things about people even if they are true.

We all know the terrible feeling we get when we hear that people have been telling stories about us., Tap the arrow to continue
16. Questions: 'Do not go around telling tales among your people', which book of the תורה is this from?, ויקרא, במדבר, דברים, לשון הרע
17. Slide: הכנסת אורחים, According to Halacha, inviting guests is part of the Mitzvah of 'love your neighbour as yourself'.

-Applies to everyone, whether you are wealthy or poor.
-You should prepare food for a guest who is leaving on a journey.
-You should accompany guests part of the way when they leave to show them respect., Tap the arrow to continue
18. Questions: הכנסת אורחים, Who were the first people to do הכנסת אורחים?, אברהם & שרה, רבקה & יצחק, ה׳ & מלאכים
19. Slide: ביקור חולים, The Gemara says a person who visits the sick removes 1/60 of their illness.
The Rabbis realised how much a visit can improve the mood and health of a sick person.

The shortest prayer was said by Moshe for Miriam who was sick.
קֵל, נָא רְפָא נָא לָהּ, Tap the arrow to continue
20. Questions: ביקור חולים, Who said the shortest תפילה in the תורה?, משה, רבקה, אברהם
22. Questions: ביקור חולים, The Talmud says that a person who visits a sick person removes part of their illness, but how much?, 1/60, 1/50, 1/30