,   Ages 8-11

How well do you know your Jewish numbers?


Activity Content:

2. Slide: Numbers, How well do you remember your Jewish numbers?, Section 3-Numbers and Gematria
3. Text Input: These are all:, Imahot, Cups of Wine at Seder, Children in Haggadah, Arba Minim, Questions in Mah Nishtana
4. Text Input: These are all:, Principles of Faith, Age of Barmitzvah, Months in leap year
5. Text Input: These are all:, Days of Rain during the Flood, Days Moshe spent on Har Sinai, Years in the desert, Days spies were in Israel
6. Text Input: These are all:, Books in Ketuvim, Months in a year, Trei Asar, Age of Batmitzvah
7. Questions: Books of Torah, Tefillah Services on Yom Kippur, Megillot, Mitzvot on Purim
8. Questions: Paragraphs of Shema, Shalosh Regalim, Avot, Brachot in Birkat HaMazon
9. Questions: Days of Chanukah, Garments of Kohen Gadol, Gates of Old City of Yerushalayim, Laws of Noach
10. Questions: Commandments, Plagues in Mitzrayim, Generations from Adam to Noach, Tribes of Israel
12. Questions: Fast Days, Shivat HaMinim, Aliyot on Shabbat, Weeks in the Omer