,   Ages 8-11

A STEM Passover by StellarNova brings you fun facts about your seder plate and then blows it all up!

Find the printable version here:


Activity Content:

1. Reading
2. Puzzle
3. Reading
4. Video
5. Soundboard
6. Reading
7. Soundboard
8. Reading
9. Soundboard
10. Reading
11. Soundboard
12. Reading
13. Soundboard
14. Reading
15. Soundboard
16. Reading
17. Questions: I am sweet because I have sugars Glucose and Fructose.
18. Questions: I produce Hydrogen Sulfide when I’m cooked, which makes me smelly.
19. Questions: Compounds like Lactucin make me bitter.
20. Questions: I produce a mustard oil called Allyl Isothiocyanate that makes me really bitter.
21. Questions: Compounds 1-3-8-p-Menthatriene, Limonene, and Myristicin 
gives me a distinct flavor.
22. Questions: My bones are made of marrow, spongy and cortical layers.
23. Reading
24. Video
25. Reading: Happy Passover!

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