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SpaceIL, The iCenter & Jewish Interactive partnered to bring you this series of games about the moon, space and Israel’s Beresheet lunar mission. This game introduces Ilan Ramon, Israel’s first astronaut that went to space and includes artwork by Hanoch Piven. www.theicenter.org/resource/stories-portraits-tell-ilan-ramon


Activity Content:

1. Reading
2. Reading: On January 16, 2003, Ramon became the first Israeli astronaut to fly to space., After a successful career as a colonel in the 
Israeli Air Force, Ilan Ramon was selected to participate in the Space Shuttle Columbia mission.
3. Reading: He took along a few precious items including:
1. Israeli flag
2. Israeli Declaration of Independence
3. A Mezuzah
4. A tiny Torah scroll from the Holocaust
5. “Moon Landing” by Petr Ginz, Theresienstadt
4. Reading: After 16 days in orbit, the Columbia exploded upon its re-entry into the Earths atmosphere. 
Ilan Ramon and 6 other crew members perished.
5. Reading: His legacy reminds us to be proud of our identity.
No matter where we are.
No matter what we are doing.
6. Soundboard
7. Slide