,   Ages 3-6

Are you ready for Pesach? Let’s get ready together! First things first! Lets get rid of Chametz. What is Chametz and how do we get rid of it?


Activity Content:

1. Reading: How to Prepare
2. Reading: Want that Pesach redemption? 
First things first.
3. Soundboard: Chametz or ha·metz [Hebrew; חמץ]
noun Hebrew.
a food not eaten by Jews during the festival of Passover, foods made from the 5 basic grains that is made with leaven and been allowed to rise or ferment.
4. Reading: Step 1: Search for Chametz
5. Soundboard: Click here for 
a secret.
6. Soundboard
7. Reading: Step 2: Get Rid of Chametz
8. Puzzle: 1) Clean
2) Sell or mechirat cha·metz [Hebrew; מכירת חמץ]
3) Burn or biur cha·metz [Hebrew; ביעור חמץ], Easy as 1-2-3!

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