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Learn new words in Hebrew
Hebrew 101 Getting Around


Activity Content:

1. Questions
3. Reading: Train
4. Reading: Light rail
5. Reading: Bus
6. Reading: Taxi
7. Reading: Shuttle
8. Puzzle
9. Questions: Where is the closest..., Taxi
Station, Bus Stop, Train Stop, Central Bus
11. Reading: Bank
12. Reading: Hospital
13. Reading: Pharmacy
14. Reading: Airport
15. Puzzle
16. Soundboard: Easy, follow the road and then turn left after the bus stop., Where are you going? Maybe it’s better to take a bus…, Thanks but I’m not going anywhere. I am meeting a friend there., Excuse me, would you help me?, How do you get from here to the Azrieli train stop?
17. Reading: Supermarket
18. Reading: Farmers Market
19. Reading: Mall
20. Puzzle
21. Soundboard: Can you tell me if there’s a pharmacy nearby?, You can take the bus or light rail. They both get to the mall., I think there’s one in the mall. It’s easy to get there., Thanks. Where is the bus stop?, You want to take the 24 and get off after 3 stops., You’ll need to walk out of the old city this way and right after the bank, you’ll see a bus stop.
22. Soundboard: Where is the.., ..information desk?, ..bathroom?, ..exit?, ..entrance?
23. Soundboard: Where can I.., How much does this cost?, ..buy a ticket?, ..exchange money?, ..buy a metrocard?
24. Puzzle