,   Ages 11+

An experimental lesson that uses HTM as a foundation to learn the
AlefBet and to read. Feedback is welcome.

First series: כחול א


Activity Content:

1. Reading: Hebrew Through Movement 
Hebrew Reading, Series: כחול 
א, Powered by the
Jewish Education Center of Cleveland, Pages should automatically advance.
If nothing happens when done, 
click the arrow on the BOTTOM RIGHT.
2. Soundboard
3. Soundboard
4. Soundboard
5. Soundboard
6. Soundboard: , תּ
7. Soundboard
8. Soundboard
9. Reading
10. Reading
11. Soundboard
12. Soundboard
13. Reading
14. Reading
15. Text Input: ה, ה, ה, ה, ה, תּ, תּ, תּ, תּ, תּ
16. Reading
17. Soundboard

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