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Natan Sharansky has dedicated his entire life to advocating for Jewish Identity, Zionism and Human Rights. We can all learn so much from his bravery and heroism. #heroes


Activity Content:

1. Reading
2. Reading: Sharansky was born in the Soviet Union.  As a child, he was a chess prodigy. He performed in simultaneous and blindfold displays, usually against adults. He is very smart and hardworking and graduated with a degree in applied mathematics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.
3. Questions
4. Reading: The Communist regime of The Soviet Union wanted to erase all identities. It’s citizens were Soviet. And nothing else.
5. Reading: After the six-day war in 1967, Sharansky and other Jews of Russia began to feel a stir in their hearts. They began to believe, maybe, they could live a Jewish life with a Jewish identity.
6. Reading: This is when Soviet Jews began to smuggle in Jewish literature and secretly began to learn about their own cultural and religious history. They began a new identity. They soon realised that if they could only get out, they could be part of something so much greater— Jewish history could be part of their Jewish future.
7. Text Input
8. Soundboard: When Natan Sharansky applied for an exit visa to move out of the Soviet Union so he might live among his Jewish brethren in Israel, he was denied, along with many Soviet Jews.  This propelled him to rebel against the regime and he became a leader for the Jewish Zionist movement and the Human Rights movement.
9. Reading: Because he was at the forefront of these causes, Natan Sharansky was arrested for treason and incitement., The regime believed this would silence the rebellion but his wrongful imprisonment just fuelled the cause until it was so loud and so great..
10. Reading: The ban on Jewish immigration to Israel was lifted in 1971 leading to the Soviet Union Aliyah while Sharansky still sat in his cell.
11. Questions
12. Soundboard
13. Video
14. Questions: Refuseniks, Prison, Human 
Rights, Zionists
15. Reading