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Let’s learn about the patriotism, devotion and courage of Joseph Trumpeldor. #heroes


Activity Content:

1. Reading: Joseph Trumpeldor
2. Soundboard: Joseph Trumpeldor was an early Zionist activist and war hero.  He lost his left arm fighting in his homeland Russia. He also spent time in Japanese captivity as a prisoner of war. He spent his time there printing a newspaper on Jewish affairs and organizing history, geography and literature classes. He also befriended several prisoners who shared his desire of founding a communal farm in Palestine.
3. Reading: By 1911, he gathered a group of young Zionists and emigrated to Palestine, then part of the Ottoman Empire. At first he joined a farm on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, and worked for a time at Kibbutz Degania.
4. Soundboard: Soon after, he and Zeev Jabotinsky formed a military unit of Jewish people. They participated in the British effort to seize Palestine from the Ottoman Empire.
5. Soundboard: The Jewish Legion, הגדוד העברי
6. Reading: Trumpeldor died defending innocent lives at the settlement of Tel Hai in 1920. On that day, he became a symbol of Jewish self-defense. And his last words— 
"It is good to die for our country.”
(טוב למות בעד ארצנו)
a testament to his devotion and bravery.
7. Questions
8. Questions: Maccabi, The Jewish
Legion, Judean
Rebels, Free
9. Questions: Tel Aviv, Telzstone, Tel Hai, Kibbutz Degania
10. Reading