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Shai Agassi made the list of Heroes because of his influence on ecological solutions. Let’s learn about air pollution and Agassi’s work on Better Place


Activity Content:

1. Reading: Shai Agassi
2. Soundboard
3. Soundboard: Shai Agassi is the founder of Better Place, which had developed a model and infrastructure for electric cars as an alternative to fossil fuel technology. 

Even though Better Place did not succeed as expected, Shai changed people’s minds about the possibility of an alternative to fuel.
5. Reading: Better Place proposed to make electric cars the standard, generating their electricity entirely by renewable energy from solar arrays and wind farms if necessary, to lower air pollutants by a massive percentage.
6. Video
7. Questions: Fossil
Fuels, Carbon Dioxide, Electricity, Solar
8. Questions: Water
Pollution, Air
Pollution, Electricity, Noise
9. Video
10. Questions: Humans, Animals, Plants, Atmosphere
11. Video
12. Reading
14. Reading