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Who is Edmond James Rothschild? A major Zionist philanthropist who donated millions to the establishment of Israel. Well, what is a philanthropist? And how can we practice philanthropy?


Activity Content:

1. Reading: Rothschild, Edmond James
2. Soundboard: The Louvre
3. Puzzle: As a strong supporter of Zionism, he donated significant sums of money which helped lead to the establishment of the State of Israel. In 1882 a resident of Rishon Lezion approached him for financial assistance as they were on the brink of disintegration.  Rothschild helped the early settlers of the First Aaliyah and revived the effort by establishing all the infrastructure necessary for success.
4. Soundboard
5. Soundboard
7. Video
8. Soundboard: Philanthropy is the love of humanity by actively caring and enhancing human life.  What kinds of resources might you have to offer others?
9. Soundboard
10. Questions: Quick Quiz
11. Questions: Time, Treasure, Talent, Quick Quiz, Tipping
12. Reading