,   Ages 3-6

In the trees by Rabbi Kerry Olitzky
A story for 3-5 year old children.


Activity Content:

1. Reading: In The Trees, By Rabbi Kerry Olitzky
2. Reading: , I am eight., My name is Lee.
3. Reading: My Dad picks me up from school every day. As soon as the bell rings, I run out to meet him.
4. Reading: He usually waits in the hallway for me with a special snack. Today, it’s a chocolate chip cookie - my favorite!
5. Reading: , Then we stop by the kindergarten to get my little sister Jamie. She’s excited to see us. Dad has a cookie for Jamie too.
6. Reading: When we walk home from school, we like to take different routes. We play games along the way.
7. Reading: Sometimes we stop in the playground. I play on the jungle gym, but Jamie likes to swing.
8. Reading: Sometimes we walk past the fire department and stop to look at the fire engines. Fireman Rudy is always there to say “Hello”.
9. Reading: I like it best in the fall when we get to walk home through the park. I run fast. I like to hear the crunch of the leaves under my feet. I always jump in the piles  that gather by the fence in the wind.
10. Reading: We stop at the lake and throw stones. I save a little of my snack to feed the ducks. But just a little.
11. Reading: One time, as we were walking through the park, we saw my next door neighbor Petey. He is about the same age as my sister.  Petey always wears a bright Orange baseball cap so I knew it was him.
12. Reading: As we got closer, I saw that he was running from tree to tree, giving each one a hug.
13. Reading: “Dad”, I said. “What is Petey doing?” 
 “I don’t know!”  My Dad responded, “Let’s ask him”.
14. Reading: “Hey Petey! What are you doing?” I yelled. That got his attention.
15. Reading: Oh hi, Mr Schwartz! Hi Lee! Hi little Jayme! I have a new sister. My mom said that God lives in the trees. So I am out here thanking God.
16. Reading: I am just not sure which tree God lives in so I am thanking them all!

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