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Pnina Tamano-Shata is our #wonderwoman in Israels Knesset. She really rocks the house.


Activity Content:

1. Reading
2. Soundboard: Pnina Tamano-Shata was born in Ethiopia. In 1984, at just 3 years old, she immigrated to Israel as part of Operation Moses, which secretly evacuated Ethiopian Jews during a civil war in Sudan.
3. Video
4. Soundboard: She grew up in Petach Tikva but like many Ethiopians, she was sent to boarding school away from home. She stood out as a bright young leader and because Ethiopians were often bullied, Pnina rose up and quickly learned to stand up for herself and protect the rights of her family. 
“looking back I think it just made me stronger 
being part of the lower class, witnessing discrimination, 
I learned early on to fight for my rights.”
5. Soundboard: When she concluded her Army service, she pursued a law degree, then became a channel one correspondent, continually utilizing her abilities to fight injustice.
6. Soundboard: In 2013, Yesh Atid won 19 seats in the Knesset and Pnina was slated for the 14th seat, making her the first Ethiopian woman ever elected to house., פה, The K'nesset, Tap to learn more.
7. Video
8. Soundboard
9. Soundboard: Pnina Tamano-Shata
10. Text Input: 1. Where was I born?, Ethiopia 
11. Text Input: Ethiopia, Operation Moses
Secret Sudan
Secret Moses
Mission 84, 2. Name of the secret mission to Israel?
12. Text Input: Ethiopia, Moses, Operation, 3. Student Activist, Army, ? , News Reporter., Politician
13. Text Input: Lawyer, 4. I have a seat in which K'nesset party?, Yesh Adam
Avar v'Atid
Yesh Atid
15. Reading