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The life, poetry and songs of Leah Goldberg #wonderwoman #girlpower


Activity Content:

1. Reading
2. Reading: This is the story of a dreamer-- Her life, her poems and her songs. 
Leah Goldberg; the woman who chose Hebrew as Hebrew chose her.
3. Soundboard: From a young age, Leah Goldberg filled her life with stories and songs that took her away from the harsh reality of her childhood in Kovno and Russia. She loved to write and her biggest dream was to be the greatest Hebrew language author of poems, stories and songs. But first, she had to learn Hebrew.
4. Reading: Despite the hardships that were happening in Russia during WWI, including the imprisonment of her father, Leah was a strong child and remained a dreamer as she studied hard to fulfill her goals. At 8 years old, she began to learn Hebrew and at just 10, she started a diary completely in the Hebrew language.
5. Video: Words by Leah Goldberg
Performed by Chava Alberstein, My homeland -- land of beauty and poverty.
The queen has no home, the king has no crown.
There are seven spring days in the year
And cold and rain all the rest.

But for seven days the roses bloom,
And for seven days the dew drops shine,
And for seven days, windows are open.
And all your poor folk stand in the street
And lift their pale faces toward the good light,
And all your poor folk are happy.

My homeland, land of beauty and poverty,
The queen has no home, the king has no crown.
There are seven holy days in the year
And hunger and toil all the rest.

But for seven days the candles are blessed,
And for seven days the tables are set,
And for seven days, hearts are open.
And all your poor folk stand in prayer,
Your sons and daughters are grooms and brides,
And all your poor folk are brethren.

My miserable land, impoverished and bitter,
The king has no home, the queen has no crown.
Only one in the world your praises has spoken;
Your infamy and shame all the rest.

And therefore I’ll visit every street and corner,
Every market and courtyard and alley and garden.
From the rubble of your ruins I’ll gather little stones
To keep for souvenirs.

As from town to town, from country to country,
I’ll wander with a song and a music box
To relate your glorious penury.
6. Reading: As a teenager, Leah Goldberg moved to Berlin and received a PhD in Semitic languages. After the Nazis rise to power, Leah leaves Germany but has no wish to go home to Kovno. She wanted to reach the kingdom of Hebrew.
7. Soundboard: In 1935, Avraham Shlonsky and a group of Zionist Hebrew poets known as ‘Yachdav’ recruited her to join them in Tel Aviv. She accepted with excitement and journeyed to Israel. There she wrote essays and novels and poems and children's books. She wrote fiercely and also took a day job as a children’s school teacher.
8. Reading: In 1952, she moved to Jerusalem to teach in The Hebrew University and her mother made Aliyah and joined her there. She continued to do what she loved.
9. Questions: YES.                                NO.
10. Soundboard
11. Soundboard
12. Soundboard: YES.                                NO.
13. Questions
14. Questions: What did Leah Goldberg like to play with as a child?
15. Questions: Which of these careers does not belong?
16. Reading