,   Ages 8-11

As part of the Wonder Women of Israel series, a closer look at the life of Sarah Aaronsohn.

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Activity Content:

1. Reading: Sarah Aaronsohn
2. Soundboard: i, Where is
Zichron Yaakov?, Tap the letters
to spell
Zichron Yaakov., ז כ ר ו ן    י ע ק ב, Sarah Aaronson was the daughter of idealistic Romanian Jews who were part of ‘The First Aliyah’. They chose in the 1800s, to go back to Israel and reclaim the Jewish homeland. As pioneers, they founded the moshav Zichron Yaakov while it was still part of Ottoman Syria. This is where Sarah Aaronsohn was born.
3. Soundboard: What did Sarah 
do next?, Sarah lived briefly in Istanbul, but she missed her homeland very much.  In the midst of WWI, Sarah returned home.  On her way, she witnessed The Armenian Genocide at the hand of the Turks, and was horrified.
4. Soundboard: Where is
Sarah Aaronsohn?, Sarah Aaronsohn began to spy for the British and organized a network of like-minded people to join her spy ring called ‘Nili’.  At first, the British were unsure of her value, but she quickly proved to be a formidable ally., Nili is an acronym for
Netzach Yisra'el Lo Yishaker
Eternity of Israel will not lie.
5. Reading: Together with her ring of spies, Sarah Aaronsohn secretly collected valuable information from all over Israel and gave the British everything they needed for the first Allied victory of WWI. She died for her efforts and died for her homeland becoming the first example of a secular, active death of a Jewish-Zionist woman for the nation of Israel. She is still known as “The Heroine of Nili” and will forever be a Wonder Woman of Israel.
6. Soundboard: Sarah Aaronsohn
7. Questions: When did the
Aaronsohn family
make Aliyah 
to Israel?, 1948, 1967, 'The First Aliyah', 'The WWI Aliyah'
8. Questions: South, North, East, West, What part of Israel
was Sarah Aaronsohn 
born and raised?
9. Questions: What did she see
on her way home
that motivated her 
to become a spy?, WWI, Armenian Genocide, British, Spy Suit
10. Questions: What was the name
of the spy-ring
that Sarah Aaronsohn
ran during WWI?, Nili, Sarah's Spy Network, Zichron, Super Spies of Israel
11. Reading

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