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Learn some colours in Hebrew with me...

Reading and listening recognition.


Activity Content:

1. Soundboard: Do you know some Colours in Hebrew?, ?אֵיזֶה צֶבַע, צְבָעִים
2. Soundboard
3. Soundboard: עִפָּרוֹן, בָּלוֹן
4. Soundboard: , עִפָּרוֹן, בָּלוֹן
5. Soundboard: עִפָּרוֹן, בָּלוֹן
6. Questions: Press on the Hebrew words!!
7. Questions: Listen and press on the matching colour!!
8. Questions: Can you read the colour names in Hebrew?
9. Puzzle: Can you match the colours ?
10. Questions: ?אֵיזֶה צֶבַע, Which colour has she chosen?
11. Questions: Which colour has she chosen?
12. Questions
13. Questions
14. Questions
15. Questions
16. Questions
17. Questions

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