,   Ages 11+

Unit 4-6 Storyline Review


Activity Content:

1. Reading: Can you order the events from our Units this year?, Click anywhere to start
2. Puzzle
3. Puzzle
4. Puzzle: רבקה is barren 
יצחק pleads with 'ה, יצחק is 40 when 
he marries 
רבקה, רבקה 
becomes pregnant, She feels a pain and asks 'ה why, ה'
tells her a prophecy
5. Puzzle: עשו
is born, יעקב 
is born, The twins grow up, יצחק
loves עשו, רבקה 
loves יעקב
6. Puzzle: עשו sells him birthright, יעקב asks for birthright, יעקב is cooking עשו comes in tired, עשו asks for red stuff, יעקב gives 
עשו the soup