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Israeli inventions
Happy Yom Ha’atzmaut
from Beit Issie Shapiro


Activity Content:

1. Reading: Celebrating 
70 years of
Israeli Inventions
2. Questions
3. Reading: Although Israel is not very big and not very old, for the last 70 years since our foundation, we’ve managed to contribute many inventions that benefit us daily and are used around the world., Let's embark on a journey to discover some great Israeli inventions
4. Soundboard: Solar Panels that act as Water Heating Systems are found on the roofs of our homes.  

A sun-facing collector heats the water that passes into a storage system for later use., Heat Absorbing 
Solar Panel, ‘Dud Shemesh’ or Solar Water Heating - 1955, Solar Water Tank
5. Soundboard: Oh! I get it! Because of the dud shemesh we use less electricity!
6. Soundboard: Drip Irrigation Systems are long hoses with small holes, at ground level. This allows a slow release of water straight to the roots of a plant.  

It is especially important in countries that don’t get enough steady rain to conserve water supply., ‘Taftafot’ or Drip Irrigation - 1959
7. Video: Taftafot - 1959
8. Soundboard: Wow! So because of the Taftafot, we water our plants more precisely and we don’t waste water!
9. Soundboard: Because of it’s small size, the UAV is often used in the army for discreet long distance missions., An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is a small airplane that flies without person or pilot. It is solely piloted by remote control or onboard computers., ‘Mazlat’ or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle [UAV] - 1969
10. Video: Mazlat - 1969
11. Questions
12. Soundboard: Taki is a world-famous Israeli game. It is a deck of cards with numbers from 0-9 and action cards in 4 colors [red, yellow, green, and blue]. The object of the game is to finish all your cards first., Taki - 1983
13. Soundboard
14. Soundboard: The Tomaccio is the result of a 12-year breeding program using large tomato species and tiny wild ones to create a sweet snack tomato that can grow in Israel's hot climate and have a longer shelf life., Tomaccio [Cherry] Tomatoes - 1990
15. Video: Cherry Tomatoes - 1990
16. Questions: Tomaccio [Cherry] Tomatoes
17. Soundboard: A Flash Drive is a small data storage device that is fast, mobile, removable, and rewritable which makes sharing files between devices easy and convenient., Disk-On-Key or USB Flash Drive - 1999
18. Soundboard: Waze is used internationally as a navigational app on any smartphone or tablet with GPS support. It provides turn-by-turn navigation that is constantly updated in real-time by using information gathered from all other live users., Waze App - 2013
19. Video: Waze - 2013
20. Soundboard
21. Reading: What will Israels next invention be?, Medical
Cures, Super-suits!, Garden
Wands, Homework
Robots, Teleportation, X-ray
Glasses, Will you be our next inventor?
22. Soundboard: ?Which of these are Israeli Inventions
23. Soundboard: ?Which of these are Israeli Inventions
24. Questions: ?Where is the UAV
25. Questions: Where is the Solar Water Heater?
26. Questions: Where is the flash drive?
27. Questions: Happy
Yom Ha'Atzmaut!

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