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Code a light up costume for Purim using the BBC Micro:Bit and a string of Neopixels


Activity Content:

1. Reading
2. Video: Light up skirt
3. Video
4. Soundboard: Equipment
5. Video
6. Questions: Where on the AA battery pack does the red alligator clip connect to?
7. Video
8. Questions: Which pin on the Micro:Bit does the yellow alligator clip connect to?
9. Video
10. Video: Writing the Code
11. Video
12. Questions: The heart will appear when the MicroBit is turned on, Nothing will happen when the MicroBit is shaken, The heart will appear when the MicroBit is shaken
13. Video
14. Questions: What does this block do to the code?, Makes the lights move faster or slower, Nothing. It shouldn't be in the code, It makes the code repeat 100 times
15. Video
16. Video
17. Reading: You now have your very own light up costume for Purim!