,   Ages 11+

Students will use this activity to review a Rashi with complex concepts.


Activity Content:

1. Reading: פרק י״ט, פרשת קדושים, רש״י ג: איש אמו ואביו תיראו
2. Questions: פסוק ג: איש אמו ואביו תיראו, It starts with singular and ends with plural., It seems repetitive., What is רש״י's question?, It starts with plural and ends with singular.
3. Questions: אמו, ואביו, איש, תיראו, ״, ״, singular, plural, ?
4. Questions
5. Puzzle: אין לי אלא איש, הרי כאן שנים, סיפק בידו לעשות, אשה מנין?, Seems as if responsibility for this Mitzva is only on the man, Where do we see that women are obligated in the Mitzva of fearing parents?, From this word we learn that both man and woman are obligated to keep this Mitzva., A man has more of a responsibility to do this Mitzva.
6. Text Input: MAIN IDEA OF RASHI'S 2nd ANSWER, Both men and women are obligated to keep the Mitzva of, Men, however, have a                        obligation.
7. Reading: מורא אב ואם

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